Dance - L'art et la technique du travail de partenaire

The classes

All classes include a brief lecture on mechanical principles and a variety of exercises to understand how to use them in concrete situations.

The classes are appropriate for mixed groups or women only.

  • Work based on sequences proposed by the participants
  • Problem solving through correcting, adapting or creating lifts
Full Session Course
  • Comprehensive study and deep understanding
  • Tools and methods to analyze, execute and create lifts
Thematic Workshops
  1. Introduction to Mechanical Principles
  2. Dead-Weight Lifts
  3. Assisted Jumps
  4. Catch Lifts
  5. Lifts Without Vertical Support
  6. Traveling During Lifts
Workshops for Couple Dance
  • Integration of lifts in different styles (salsa, tango, swing, dance sport, etc.)
  • Adaptable to different contexts : choreography or social dance events
Workshops for Theatre
  • Integration of mechanical principles in interpretation
  • Use of lifts to create dramatic effects