Dance - L'art et la technique du travail de partenaire

Workshops for Couple Dance


The workshop for couple dance targets people engaged in one or another form of social dancing (salsa, tango, swing, dance sport, etc.) and who want to integrate lifts in their practice, either in choreographed sequences or in social dance events. The participants can be part of a school, a pro/am group or following the competitive circuit. It is preferable to come as a couple but arrangements can be made for individual dancers.


Each workshop proposes the learning of different lifts and their integration in the dancing style of the participants. The approximately 2 hour workshop offers :
  • a short warm-up – ten minutes of cardio and some light weight support
  • the presentation of basic mechanical principles useful to all partnering situations
  • the learning of some lifts
  • the creation of entrance and exit movements consistent with the dance style of the participants
  • the study of signals that allow both partners to to coordinate their actions
This workshop can be repeated in the same form but with different lifts each time.