Dance - L'art et la technique du travail de partenaire

Full Session Course


The full session course targets advanced classes or amateur groups (14 years and older) of dance schools of any style. The groups can be mixed or made up solely of female participants. The number of participant depends on the size of the studio.


The course is divided in weekly classes of 2 to 3 hours each over 10 to 15 weeks.

Its goal is to give participants a comprehensive understanding, both practical and theoretical, of partnering. It will give the tools and methods to help participants to analyze and execute efficiently all situations of partnering and to solve all kinds of technical and artistic problems linked to the performance of duets.

The course includes

Presentations on the following theme :
  • mechanical principles
  • a terminology for partnering
  • technical and esthetic considerations of real situations
  • the verbal and non-verbal communication between partners
Exercises to practice the:
  • immediate application of the newly acquired information
  • acquisition of an efficient method to solve problems
  • development of confidence in lifting and being lifted
  • clear communication with different partners
  • construction of a repertory of lifts
  • learning of duet exerpts from the professional repertory
  • creation of original duets
Course plans and evaluation tools (exams, assignments) are available for institutions