Dance - L'art et la technique du travail de partenaire

Workshops for Theatre


The workshops target adults doing theatre either as professionals, as amateurs or as students. The groups can be mixed or made up solely of female participants. The number of participants depends on the size of the studio.


The workshop for theatre presents mechanical principles that help participants to understand how physical forces affect the body and, therefore, how to take the weight of another in a way that is efficient, safe and coherent with the scene being performed.

This understanding of mechanical principles can also help to create the illusion of lifting apparently heavy loads in a convincing manner. Furthermore, the exercises used in the workshops are excellent tools to connect with one another physically and emotionally.

The workshop is about 2 hours long and includes :
  • a short warm-up – ten minutes of cardio and some light weight support
  • the presentation of basic mechanical principles useful to all partnering situations
  • the creation of short scenes in which the weight of one is taken by another
  • the presentation, feedback and analysis of each situation
  • the transport of light objects creating the illusion that they are heavy